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2022-09-24 05:28:26 By : Ms. Mia liu

Eli Manning was back in a pair of cleats and tossin' around a pigskin on the gridiron this month -- but he didn't do it as Eli ... rather, he did it as "Chad Powers," and it was HILARIOUS.

Manning went undercover as part of the latest episode of "Eli's Places" (produced by Peyton & Eli's Omaha Productions on ESPN+), where the former New York Giants star wanted to get the full walk-on experience at Penn State.

He spoke with head coach James Franklin and decided to get in on a "try out" -- but making sure he caked on the makeup and donned a wig so he wouldn't be recognized.

Manning called his alter ego "Chad Powers" -- and when he took the field, he stayed in character the entire time.

The 41-year-old ran a 5.49 40-yard dash ... and then threw the football all over -- seemingly impressing Nittany Lions coaches.

"Not just good looking," he said during the bit, "I can throw it, baby!"

Of course, Manning, who played his college ball at Ole Miss, has exhausted all of his eligibility -- so Chad Powers won't be getting in PSU games anytime soon.

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