What Do I Need To Know About Human Hair Wigs?

2022-05-07 08:23:50 By : Ms. Edward Xu

Human hair wigs are the first choice of any wig user. Human hair wigs give you that natural look and the hair movement is also natural. You can style your human hair wig any way you want and human hair wigs stay longer than synthetic hair wigs.

Given its popularity, many people think of getting themselves a human hair wig. But as we all know, for how good the quality is, human hair costs a lot too. So before you make that big payment, let’s fill you in on everything you need to know about human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs are pretty expensive. You can get them in a price range of $700-$2000. And if it’s a premium quality wig, then it can cost more than that. But as human hair wigs offer you so much, the expense is worth it.

As the wigs are made from natural human hair, they last longer than synthetic hair wigs. With proper care, human hair wigs can last for 1-3 years. Human hair wigs are incredibly shiny, and soft and they can duplicate the movement of natural hair that synthetic hair wigs can never do.

Capless human hair wigs are made with human hair with a cap and open wefting. The wefting gives the wig more volume which works well for people with thick hair.

In a Remy human hair wig, the hair strands all go in the same direction. It is made in a way where the outer layer of each hair strand lays like shingles on a roof. As they all go in the same direction, it makes Remy human hair wig of the best quality.

If we talk about the best type of human hair wig, then we must say it’s Remy human hair wig. In the process of making Remy human hair wigs, the cuticle layer is kept intact. That means the hair is crude, healthy, and not chemically processed. This ensures that your wig looks totally natural and luxurious.

When it comes to taking care of your wig, the routine is different. We all wash our natural hair with regular shampoo. But for human hair wigs, you must choose a moisturizing shampoo. It’s because wigs are not attached to our scalps. So it doesn’t get the natural sebum our scalp produces which helps keep the hair moisturized. So in order to lock moisture in your wigs, make sure you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

A human hair wig needs to be washed every 6-7 weeks. A human hair wig can take up to 7-10 washes. Wash your human hair wig with lukewarm water for best results.

If you blow-dry your wig, it’ll zap out all the moisture out of your wig. So it is best to towel dry your human hair wig. Use a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel as it causes friction that can leave your hair frizzy. Simply pat dry your wig with a microfiber wig to keep your wig looking luxurious.

Yes, you can. You can do whatever you want to style your human hair wig. You can bleach it, dye it, perm it, straighten it and also curl it however you want. But as we all know, heat styling can damage your hair to a great extent. So never forget to use a heat-protective spray before you style your hair with any heat tools. And also keep in mind that the more you heat style your wig, the more moisture is being drained out of it. This can result in your wig looking dried out. So be careful with how often you heat style your human hair wig.

Keeping your human hair wig looking shiny as ever can be a little bit hard. As your wig doesn’t get any sebum or natural oils, the human hairs get dried out and start to look really bad. So what you can do is use natural oils such as coconut oil, Macedonia oil, jojoba oil, etc. These natural oils can help keep your wig moisturized and look shiny. Apply the oil you chose all over your wig, keep it for at least 30 minutes for the best result and wash your wig afterward.

Your wig is a part of you and it deserves good care. As human hair wigs aren’t attached to your scalp, they don’t get the natural sebum that your scalp produces. So even though your wig is made out of human hair, without enough care, it’ll dry out and not look as good. That’s why it needs to be maintained just as well as you maintain your natural hair or even better if you can put more effort into maintaining your wigs!

Human hair or not, your wig is a part of you. Hair has always been a big part of beauty standards and a way of expressing yourself. That’s why you deserve the best wigs you can get. And for that, you need to know all about human hair wigs for you to be able to choose the right wig for yourself.

In this article, we tried to be as informative as possible about human hair wigs. Hope you find this article helpful. Happy reading!