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2022-07-02 03:39:38 By : Mr. Yang Lao

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Women have many customers who offer a same question: what is the difference between transparent lace wigs and HD lace wigs? Yolissa Hair has been selling human hair for many years. The HD undetectable lace wigs are the most popular and create good sales every year. So the question is asked by plenty of customers who are not familiar with wigs. Here women will give the answers.

The Features of Transparent Lace:

Yolissa Hair wigs are Swiss Lace, which is with high quality and melt skins well. Transparent lace is a kind of Swiss Lace, which refers to the lace color, not a lace type. The lace color is light and fits customers who have light colored skin.

The Features of HD Lace:

HD lace means High definition lace. It is also a kind of Swiss Lace, but much thinner and incredible than regular Swiss Lace. The biggest advantage is that HD Lace makes fashion girl hairline undetectable and incredible natural look. HD Lace matches all skins whether people are a black woman or Caucasian. Certainly, HD invisible lace wigs are more expensive than transparent lace wigs. Customers can choose the proper lace color according to their reality.

At the moment, people may want to see some HD swiss lace wigs and transparent lace front wigs. Yolissa Hair has been selling water wave wigs and body wave lace wigs that are on the sale of buy one get one free. Customers can select different lace also get an extra free wig as a gift. The water wave wigs are hot selling in recent years. There is 13×6 lace size, 13×4 lace size as well as 5×5 lace size options. Customers can freely choose what they like.

If people are looking for curly or wavy lace frontal wigs but in HD lace, Yolissa Hair gives multiple choices. There are straight human hair wigs, water wave hair wigs, body wave and deep wave lace front wigs, and curly wigs. Different curl patterns can meet all customers. Whether women want 5×5 closure wigs or 13×4 lace frontal wigs, Yolissa Hair gives ladies all women want.

How To Distinguish Transparent Lace and HD lace?

When customers receive HD Lace front wigs, they compare the lace that it seems not much different from transparent lace frontal wigs. Yes, it may be hard to tell which is transparent lace or HD lace if ladies are not buying many HD lace wigs. But remember, transparent lace doesn’t blend very well with dark skin, which is better for lighter skin. The reason is that HD lace is thinner and much more see-through.

After reading this article, have ladies decided to buy the HD lace front wig or transparent lace wig? With summer coming, HD lace wigs are more comfortable and breathable. The transparent lace wigs cost less and are affordable. Come Yolissa Hair and buy a human hair wig as fashion girl cool summer gift!

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